Wheredle Game Unlimited, states puzzle game (how to play)

Wheredle is the game for those who love to guess geo locations. How to play Wheredle game?

The craze for solving the word puzzle is increasing among the online players. After the huge success hit of Wordle, many versions of this are arriving. Wheredle is the new puzzle game where player can guess the state locations by watching the map picture. There are many other games which are also based on guessing the locations or places like Countryle, Flagle, etc. Today, we are going to talk about Wheredle game. To all participants who love geography, this is the right article in front of your eyes. But there is a limitation that you can play this game only once in a day.

Wheredle Game

We all know that in Wordle game, we need to guess the word but in Wheredle, the story is different. In Wheredle game, we need to guess different state from the list on a daily basis. If you win the game or you are having an impressive score card, then there is an option of sharing the results on over the social networking sites. But again it is very important to note here that this game could be played only once in day. People take such games as a daily acceptable challenge. It is very easy to play the game online as we have mentioned the steps below. Also you can make your name appear on the top on scorecards. Many players play this puzzle daily.

How to play Wheredle game?

During the game, guesses made by the participant should be a valid state. As soon as the action of guess is performed, participant will have the direction, proximity and distance of given answer and ultimately the destination state. One of the interesting fact related to the game is this that it is not very complex. Instead of complexity, it is the simplest game, we have ever known. For example, once you won the game or simply identified the given state, then you can’t play it again and again. The participant have to wait for the next day, to become eligible to play this game again.

Rules for Where game, how to participate?

Let’s discuss some basic aspects of Wheredle game. We need to guess the state in seven tries. After each guess, participant will get to know on over his or her screen, that either it was correct or not. In case of wrong guess, the game will direct you towards correct answer. The user will see pop ups mentioning North West, South East and so on. In the game, there will be availability of various street signs, landmarks and contexts, through which participants can try to guess the hidden state. Hence, overall it is a very interesting game for all the people who love geography and have craze of guessing the hidden states. In recent days, it has been observed, that new users of Wheredle Game have increased tremendously. This clearly shows that people love to play such online games.