What is the Qixi Festival? Google Doodle dives into romantic legend behind Chinese Valentine’s Day

When you didn’t get to have fun Valentine’s Day this yr, don’t concern about it! Any other probability to have fun Valentine’s Day is the Qixi Competition.

The brand new Google Doodle, made through Celine You with pink stamps, presentations an afternoon this is celebrated in Taiwan, Singapore, and different portions of Asia on account of a love tale.

Doodles Archive says that additionally it is referred to as the Magpie Competition, the Evening of the Sevens, and the Double 7th Competition. At the lunar calendar, it’s at the 7th day of the 7th month. On at the moment, unmarried other folks and {couples} give items like roses and sweet to other folks they prefer.

How Qixi Competition got here to be

The competition dates again to the time of the Han Dynasty. Prior to now, other folks would sing their own praises their craft abilities, cling worship products and services for Zhinu (one of the crucial legends at the back of the competition), and honor oxen with flower-hanging ceremonies.

The tale at the back of the development

The tale at the back of the day is set an oxherd named Niulang and a weaver lady named Zhinu. Zhinu was once the daughter of a formidable goddess, and Niulang was once a humble oxherd. Even if they have been other, those two fell deeply in love. And Zhinu made up our minds to stick on Earth with out permission. She changed into a weaver lady, were given married, and lived a contented lifestyles with Niulang. In the end, she had two youngsters, a boy and a woman.

Doodle’s Archive says that after the queen mom of the heavens came upon about their marriage, she made Zhinu return. Niulang adopted his spouse and flew into the sky with their two youngsters to avoid wasting her. However the queen used her hairpin to make the Milky Method, a river that runs between Earth and the heavens, in order that he can’t get to Zhinu. However the couple’s disappointment was once felt far and wide the universe, and the queen, moved through their disappointment, let the circle of relatives reunite at the double 7th through construction a bridge of flying magpies over the river.

Timeout says that on at the moment, Chinese language girls put on Hanfu, which is an extended, flowing gown with unfastened sleeves and a belt across the waist. They spend the day making items of tea, wine, plants, and other sorts of fruit to provide to Zhinu as prayers for knowledge and for his or her needs to return true. Girls who have been unmarried would pray to the celestial couple to search out them a excellent spouse, and ladies who had simply gotten married would ask to have a kid.