Pushpa 2 Release date to be revealed soon, shooting to start from August

Shooting Of Allu Arjun’s Pushpa 2 will begin From August, film set be released in the year 2023. Read the report to know full details about the upcoming movie. 

Are you a big fan of watching movies? Then you may have heard about the legendary series movie named Pushpa. It was released in 2022, and people loved watching it. The dialogues, directions, music, and acting, every single thing won the hearts of people. The actor Allu Arjun is already a mega star of the industry, up of that he is one of the most major role in the move. Now recently, people started to share that the movie is going to have another part, i.e. part 2, and all the details are shared in this post. So read our article till the very end to know more.

Pushpa’s first part was released in 2022, and the major role played by Allu Arjun was a hit. He made sure that people get addicted to his new way of acting, and that is what happened. The movie revolves around the smuggling for red sandal wood, and the leader of the whole work process is Pushpa aka Allu Arjun. Now, at the end of the first part we can see that there is some kind of conflict between Pushpa and the lead major protagonist i.e. the cop. The movie ends at a great turning point. As we all know that the movie is a superhit piece of the 2022. The South movie industry is doing great above expectations on Indian cinemas.

As per a recent tweet that got viral, the movie’s second part is more likely to release in 2023. The shooting is to commence in August, and the pre-production has already started. Now the people are really looking forward at knowing how the things may evolve. It is all about the direction of the movie. The second part name is Pushpa 2: The Rule. The fans are looking forward to watch the movie. There hasn’t been any official announcement relating to it, yet it can be a true rumor.

The fans are very after this news as they are eagerly waiting for the part 2 of or sequel of the superhit Pushpa movie. The directors are ready to start the shooting of new phase soon from the August month. Allu Arjun also confirmed this news on his official Twitter handle about the shooting of the Pushpa 2 movie. As per the rumors, the movie is expected to release in the beginning of the 2023 month. The trailer will might be shared to fans in the December month. Also fan made posters are viral on the social media of the movie. Many fans liked the photo and sharing it on social media. This is just an example of craze of the Pushpa movie in the fans.

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