Posterdle game, guess the movie name by poster puzzle

How to solve Posterdle game puzzle? How to guess the movie name?

Online games trend is increasing day by day. Mostly, this craze has been observed among youth. As there is an opportunity to share their winning score card on social networks, so, people take it very interestingly. We all must have heard the name of Wordle, puzzle game, in which participants have to guess a particular word. Likewise, one more web based game is gaining popularity among the audience. The name is ‘Posterdle Wordle’ game. Same as like, Wordle, it is also very simple to play. However, there are some restrictions in this game. This game can be played only once in a day.

What is Posterdle Game?

In the Posterdle game, we have to guess the name of the movie, by looking at over a blurry poster. There is the chance of only six attempts and 20 seconds in guessing the name of the film. So, overall participants just gets twenty seconds to answer the title of the film by observing the blurry poster given in the beginning. With passing time, blurry poster starts to get cleared up. The popularity of this game is on an all-time high and people are playing it more than ever before. In fact, there’s even a website that has been set up just so you can visit daily. The game is easy to play and anyone can join. If you’ve watched more movies in recent years, this might be the perfect opportunity to play and conquer this puzzle game.

How to guess movie by poster?

Participants can easily play this online game on over its official website. All of the participants who have great knowledge of recent movies or who have watched more movies, will be able to answer the situation correctly. The slight difference between Wordle and Posterdle is this that, in Wordle we have to guess the name of the particular word of the day, while in case of Posterdle, we have to guess the name or title of the movie by looking at over the blurry poster. The limitation of playing it once in a day, gave a particular craze of attempting it daily to the audience. The regular visits of players is increasing day by day, on its official website. There is a great excitement among the players daily about the next day upcoming movie poster.

How to play Posterdle game?

Mentioning some basic rules of Posterdle are given below:

  • There are 20 seconds and 6 attempts for figuring out the title of the movie.
  • As soon as you will put start button on, blurry poster will start to get cleared up.
  • When you will press guess button, then the timer will pause.
  • There is the option of ‘I don’t know’ in the game.
  • With each passing day, you will get a new poster to guess up.
  • With this game, your knowledge related to movies will surely increase up. Every day, you will get a chance to win or either know a new movie from the game lose.