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Film data:

  • complete identify: Maze runner: Dying remedy
  • language: Twin Audio (Hindi-English)
  • subtitles: Sure (English)
  • Unlock 12 months: 2018
  • measurement: 450MB & 1.2GB & 3.7GB
  • high quality: 480p & 720p & 1080p Blu-ray
  • layout: Mkv

tale line

A flame virus has inflamed the sector’s inhabitants, leaving simplest Thomas, Newt, and Frying Pan immune. Aside from those 3 of his Gladers, Minho wishes his fourth rescue. He used to be captured via the WCKD, a company that experiments on immune youngsters. The 3 observe Minho to The Ultimate Town, the house of WCKD, however are attacked via Crank at the method.

Upon attaining the town partitions, they meet Garry, who is of the same opinion to steer Thomas and Newt to the immune WCKD headquarters. Newt confesses that he’s inflamed. The immune youngsters are passed over to Brenda, who runs away, whilst Gary searches for Thomas. Teresa learns that Thomas’ blood can remedy Flare. They in finding Minho and transfer to seek out Brenda to get the serum, however Newt passes out. Teresa makes use of her voice to invite Thomas to come back again. In the meantime, Newt commits suicide as Flare just about consumes him.

Jansson kills Ava and knocks Thomas out. He finds to Teresa that he simplest intends to remedy himself. Thomas later beats him in a brawl. Thomas and Teresa run to the rooftop and Teresa is killed whilst at the aircraft. The crowd of immunes and the right-hand guy are later reunited.


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