Lookdle Game, A pixels picture guessing game puzzle

Play the new game, Lookdle puzzle by guessing the pixelated pictures

When it comes about solving the puzzles and daily word games then Lookdle is the new option available now. It is a popular and growing puzzle solver which follows the same concept of Wordle and other same type games. Already we had seen multiple versions of the game and now Lookdle came up with new rules and level. It is not as easy like other versions of game. The fans need to pay proper attention and mind focus while guessing the identity upon looking the pixelated picture on screen. You would have to guess the personality name after looking the pixels image. Let’s explore more about the basic rules and technique to play this game.

As we have already made article on different versions of puzzle. Today we will talk about the new variant of Wordle puzzle. It is really amazing that the simple puzzle game is getting huge publicity and love that it coming out with new variant in very short period of time. In which Lookdle is the one. Let’s have a look on this new variant also.

What is Lookdle?

This game is little but different from others Wordle game but we are sure you will definitely like it. In this game you have to guess the pixel picture. The image will be blur and you have 5 chances to play this game. You can only play this game once in a day. The difficult level increases with each guess. If you guess the right answer within time limits then you can share this game on social media too and can give challenge to your friends too. There are certain rules and regulations and some tricks which might be able to win you. The game link is available on its official website. So, guys don’t waste time if you have not played this game yet. The game is good for the people who have good guessing power.

How to play this game?

In this Wordle game, you have to focus on one grid system to guess the name. You have to choose the name from the list of the name provided there. After each failure attempt, the pixel get more clear to increase your chances to win. The game is easy as well hard to play. So, try it once and share your views of the game.

Wordle is a little different than other games in the genre, but we’re sure that you will love it. You have five chances to play this fun and creative word guessing game throughout each day; however if your answer isn’t correct within time limits then no more chances. The difficulty level increases with every failed attempt at answering Jumble Questions correctly, meaning they become increasingly harder as well- which makes them perfect for those who can’t seem resist trying their luck on something new even when things seems too hard initially.

Lookdle is the new popular game among the puzzle solvers.