Jack Fenton’s Helicopter Crash: Police Couldn’t Get In Touch With Friends Who Might Have Information

Jack Fenton’s Helicopter Crash: Police Couldn’t Get In Contact With Buddies Who May Have Data
Government have attempted again and again to get involved with witnesses to determine extra about what took place on July 25.

After seeing the helicopter crash that killed Jack Fenton, police couldn’t get involved with pals who would possibly have knowledge.

ATHENS, GREECE: Officers having a look into the demise of British vacationer Jack Fenton, who was once killed when he was once hit by way of a spinning helicopter blade, say they may be able to’t get involved together with his pals, who would possibly have details about what took place. That is in line with a document in The Solar.

After Jack Fenton unintentionally bumped into helicopter blades on July 25, government have made a number of determined makes an attempt to get involved with eyewitnesses to get extra details about what took place.

On Monday, July 25, 2022, the 22-year-old died from head accidents he were given when he was once hit by way of the spinning rear rotor of the helicopter that took him to Athens, Greece.

Police concept Fenton would possibly have damaged protection regulations when he was once the usage of his mobile phone. Additionally they had toxicology assessments finished to peer if the lifeless particular person was once inebriated, which his friends and family have mentioned isn’t true.

Police say that eyewitnesses aren’t taking their calls

The Coincidence Investigation and Flight Protection Committee says that Fenton’s pals had been referred to as so much, although their telephones had been off because the evening of the coincidence.

Ioannis Kondylis, who’s answerable for coincidence investigations within the Greek capital, gave an in depth account of Fenton’s remaining moments. He mentioned, “Nowhere within the tales we’ve heard does it sound just like the younger guy sought after to take a selfie. It’s mentioned that the 22-year-old guy was once protecting a mobile phone and striking it to his ear, however it isn’t transparent if he was once speaking or now not.

Kondylis mentioned that Fenton was once now not taking an image when he died, striking to leisure fears that he had now not been given sufficient details about protection.

Kondylis mentioned that Fenton were given out of the Bell 407 thru the best door after it landed, however he got here again and went beneath the craft’s tail. As he bent down, he couldn’t see the rear rotor, which was once turning as much as 500 occasions according to 2nd.

The police assume that Fenton could have long gone into the boat when he went to get his telephone, which he had left on board. “There’s a digicam out of doors the corridor,” Kondylis mentioned. We don’t know if this digicam has a reminiscence card,” he mentioned.

“We requested the police to test to peer if there may be audiovisual subject material, which might lend a hand us perceive what took place within the coincidence probably the most.”

A Greek police spokesman mentioned, “Our investigation continues to be happening, however some of the major issues we’re having a look into is whether or not Jack forgot his mobile phone at the helicopter and that’s why he went again to it so temporarily.”

“We’re nonetheless doing interviews, however various individuals who noticed him proper earlier than he was once killed mentioned he was once protecting a mobile phone,” he mentioned.

“As soon as our investigation is finished, we’ll ship the report to the prosecutor, who will make a decision if there will likely be any fees,” the spokesperson mentioned.