Explordle game, a puzzle offering Daily Adventure to players

What is Explordle game? It does for travel places the same way Wordle does for vocabulary

If you have ever played Wordle game, then you must now that the amazing qualities of what one seeks in a vocabulary game exist in it. People do really love to play it, as they know that competing against people would bring them out of the box that they are holding since long. If you are one of those who love to keep themselves updated with some great exploring games, then the developers have brought another new game called Explordle. This game is just another version of the guessing puzzle series, and we have brought all the information that you may need to know.

What is Explordle game?

Explordle is a daily adventure based game for the travel lovers. Daily new location place photo appears on the screen for a limited time to guess the place name. First time players can play the random puzzle to practice. Also, there is a menu option where player can select the favorites places to solve the puzzle. If you think you are strong in guessing all the locations of a particular place then Explordle is made just for you. Also, guest users can submit their own Exploredle video or photo for the next day puzzle.

Concept of the puzzle, what is unique in it?


The game has simple rules, first, you open the website and then look forward at a small clip, or photo. Once you play the video clip, you will find yourselves watching a video that has something amazing to do. It can be a famous tourist spot, or a monument. Exactly on the screen below, you will find 4 options to choose from. Each option could be similar to the spot that you are watching, and you have to select the right one. You get into a deeper next level once you right. Things will dive in one after the other in level, and finally you choose the right ones.

How to play Explordle daily?

The game doesn’t have a limit, it gets reset every midnight, and this is how it becomes interesting. People are loving to play this game as they are been challenged on their tourism skills. Things will really charge up as many players join the play. If you are one of those who love playing, then keep things going and share the game with your friends. You shall not regret even a bit, as the game becomes interesting and challenging when you have someone to compete with.

This game is an interesting way to promote tourism in different countries. The idea of playing until you get tired and then sleeping through it sounds like the perfect escape from reality. Many users found this puzzle very interesting to play in free time.

Do share your feedback on the game, and let us know what you think about this amazing game. We hope that you enjoy spending some minutes of your daily day routine and keep yourself from charging the best one to enjoy all along.