Countryle Wordle Game, Daily Answers, Hints, how to play

What is Countryle Wordle game? Free puzzle game for countries name guess

You might have heard of the popular versions of the Wordle game like Poeltl, Posterdle, Cladder, etc. We are here with the interesting puzzle game for the countries name guess whose name is Countryle. Here the players and puzzle solvers can guess the name of a particular country based on the given hints. Countryle is another game added in the list of popular puzzle games of the year 2022.

What is this game?

The game is basically for the country lovers. You have to guess the name of the hidden country every day. We have already played this game and we are looking forward for Tomorrow’s game. We even going to share our results too. You can play this game once in the day. Each day you will get different hints and different country to guess. Every time you guess the country or territory name, you will get the distance, direction and proximity of your answer. Even you will also know the time left after each guess and for your final answer. You are also allowed to share your results on the social media too. You can even challenge your friends too to beat you in the game. The game is really interesting to play. You will get aware about different countries.

How to play Countryle?

If you have not played this game not even once, then don’t waste your time. Although the game is very much addictive to play. You can play this game online on the official website. There will be the link of this game, where you can click and play the game. There are certain rules which engulf this game. First, we have already told you that you can not play this game for 24 hours if you guess the correct answer. Apart from this, you will get certain clues to reach your correct answer. First you will get the hemisphere of the country you select/ write down. You will also get to know about the population of the Selected country and also about the continent of the selected country. Apart from this you will get the clue of average temperature of the selected country. And this is the big clue you will get that there will be some coordinates over the screen which will tell you the geographical direction of the right country to the country you have selected/ written down.

It’s basic rules and hints which can help

You will also get the clues to help you reach your correct answer. First, know that there are two hemispheres in every country and then find which continent they’re on just like figuring out whether it’s north or south. Next up is population: for most countries this number can range anywhere from less than 10 million people up until around 200+ Million residents; but no worries if yours has fewer as we’ve got an extra clue ready just incase and lastly-the average temperature across all qualifying areas where winters may be cold enough.