I close my eyes and imagine your touch, your taste and sweet caresses, your hands on my face, your fingers travelling down over my skin. I go back to the piano, play its broken keys, trying to hide behind the cigarette haze. Without you, I see the world in black and white. I wish I could forget the passage of time, but the clocks insistently shout their tic, tac. No, we can’t rewind our lives. From dust we came, to dust we’ll return. In front of the mirror, I don’t believe in my image. Is that still me? Will I be able to breathe knowing that you ‘ll never answer my phone calls again? Now I kiss the air and hear the words of silence. But then, at night, immerse in the bathtub, I am covered by a rain of flowers, and I suddenly see myself sinking on the other side of a canvas, surrounded by Monet’s water lilies. Let me be timeless, let me be art.

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