For some time I immersed myself in a new photography mode to focus on the subject and capture hers essence. Elisa is part of a series of portraits for my project “Emotional Portrait” on a number of communicative images. In this series “EP” I chose women who are most actresses than models, with an innate capacity for expression. My shooting technique in this case is changed completely in the choice of new photographic equipment that allow me to dedicate myself and concentrate more on the subject than on technical issues. In this case FUJI is the best solution due to the large exposure latitude, ease of use and for the extraordinary image’s quality that the X-Trans sensor offers. The Fuji X-E1 with the Carl Zeiss lens Touit 32mm f / 1.8 has been a great blend. The ease of use and the black and white incredibly sharp and incisive are stunned. All this allowed me to create a series of images deeply expressive in total freedom, making me focus on the subject and interaction with it more than the problems of light and scene. I am very happy to take pictures with these machines mirrorless for the simple reason that they are less invasive of common DSRL. I mean the concept of “non-invasive” to the model who is not distracted by cameras large, but she has the ease of being able to observe the photographer and make it more human and less technical. A DSRL is often invasive and puts the subject again in difficulty, while the Fuji X-E1 has the feeling as sunday’s outings. This raises a game of trade-offs between photographer and model in a total harmony and naturalness. Elisa with the shooting was in total ambient light in various parts of Rome. The first was the area EUR (Universal Exposition of Rome) in Rome, which was built by Benito Mussolini between 1941 and 1942 in full fascist period. The architecture is according to the fascist ideology, classical Roman city planning and adds elements of Italian Rationalism, which remains a minority compared to the “simplified neoclassicism”. The structure includes a road network with orthogonal axes and architectural buildings majestic and imposing, massive and square, mostly built with white marble and travertine remember the temples and buildings of the imperial Rome. This type of architecture is a widespread natural lighting, in fact in a few hours the light is reflected from the marble in all directions, creating an environment with lighting totally diffused. Later we moved in the heart of Rome between Piazza Navona and the Tiber long before moving Tiber Island after dark. With Elisa we played a bit ‘in this location making a series of shots between the glamor, humor and expressiveness.
The great drama of Elisa has defines this concept:
A woman likes to feel free in an ancient city like Rome.
Between alleys and streets millennial hovers in the unique magic of an incredible actress. Elisa is a mixture of ancestral expression glamor, intimate and theatricality in its purest form.

Photographer: Walter Fantauzzi –
Model|Actress: Elisa Alba

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