Déshabillé: The state of being only partly or scantily clothed. Origin: French (undressed).

(2015) Oxford Dictionaries. Oxford University Press

The original Arian Chanlé line was designed by Michael Taylor in New York. Kallia is wearing prototype Italian fabric metallic silver pants and a chiffon top engineered to make a statement about what it means to be fashion-forward. She is one of only three models to have successfully worn the pants.

In this series, Kallia demonstrates the meaning of déshabillé as the French intended – that stylish clothing is meant to be worn with nothing underneath. And that wearing nothing underneath means it is to be removed. Slowly, and without prejudice.

Photo: Allen Moore / AIMStudios, LLC



Model: Kallia
Makeup & hair: Kallia
Production assistance: Carl Jasper
Wardrobe: The Original Arian Chanlé (Michael Taylor Couture Designs)

Location: AIMStudios, LLC (Richmond, VA)

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