This was the first time i worked with this team, but everything came into place like it should.
I have always wanted to try this type of mood, with strong neon lights colors, but somehow i have never had the time, the timing or the team available for this.
One day, the agent from My Guys Models, called me and told me that Adela is in town, and that we should have a shoot together. We matched our schedules and we only had one day when we could have done this.
We did not miss the opportunity and we just made it work.
Javier did exactly what i wanted with the make-up and the hair, Ruxandra brought some pieces from her collection that looked amazing on Adela, and so, my job got really easy.

I hope you enjoy the pics.

Photographer: Florin Opris –
Model: Adela Patrascan –
Make-up: Javier Vergara –
Lengerie: Ruxandra Gheorge –

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