Home Alone By Francesco Paoletti

sometimes photos are not story are just moments photo: Francesco Paoletti model: anna lezebanaia https://www.face...

Saturday Morning By Papotti Nicola

Model: Alessandra Guglielmetti Photo: Papotti Nicola

I Wandered Lonely By James Pitarresi

Our heroine wanders the abandoned spaces of a disused factory. The now quite and somber interior provides a contrast of light, shadow, and emotion f...

Wake Me Up By Portraits by Danailya

Model: Sienna Hayes IG: @sienna.hayes Photographer: Portraits by Danailya Facebook: IG: @portra...

Aquamarine By Matthew Yip

"She awoke to find her fishtail clean gone..." - The Mermaid in the Hospital by Nuala NiDomhnaill Aquamarine by Matthew Yip http://matthewyi...

The Mirror By Giulio Irving

Looking into the mirror, knowing full well there is someone else in the room, pretending to be alone, admiring herself. Model Cala Fia ...

Island Girl By Silviu Sandulescu

Model: Daniela Predescu (IG: @daniela_predescu) Make-up: Gina Ionescu Constanta, Romania...

Into The Woods By David Garcia

It is the story of a wandering woman, free, lonely girl, elegant and sensual, maybe adventure seeking. An editorial setting trends, highlighting the f...

Twins By Carlos Fernandez

Photographer: Carlos Fernandez      Instagram: @caf_fotografia Models: Laura Cidoncha  Instagram: @laucidoncha Diana Cidoncha  Instagram: ...