We live in a world that tells us our bodies should be covered, shamed or alternately objectified for the gaze and use of others.
I feel quite the opposite; I am empowered by feeling comfortable in my skin. There is something specific about the intimacy
of being naked. It’s raw, real and transparent. When you stand before another in only your skin, there is nowhere to hide.
It’s beautiful. The choices we make with our bodies are just that. They are our choices. The empowerment lies in the autonomy
of choice.For me, taking art nude photos was a powerful experience. It was a way to put it all out there. To say, “This is exactly who I am, and I am allowed to be comfortable In my sexuality without any shame.” -Britta

Model : Britta Nitychoruk
IG brittababy


IONA Beach park is an exquisite piece of land located right next to the Airport in Vancouver BC Canada. It has dazzling landscape and because the lower mainland area is already crowded with majestic beaches right in the heart of the city. Most city folks looking to spend a day on the beach tend to favor the city shores as most beaches are withing walking distance and the more adventurous would trek to the world famous “Wreck Beach” right on the edge of the University campus. So for the most part IONA beach is deserted aside from on the weekend or evenings.

In the spring of 2016 I decided to explore IONA’ sands and it’s more remote area. I started to shoot landscape nudes with some of the models I spend the rainy season working with around Vancouver. Right from the start the images were stunning and got me totally hooked. It wasn’t long before I had half a dozen sessions done and booked another 6 and expended the project to include an exhibit, Book and offer some of these for print and digital publications

Welcome to the IONA Collection! I hope you like!


Photographer : Marc Boily
IG: marcb_noirblanc

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