“ Between me and my soul “
Ther’s a fog, a shell between me and my soul, that prevent to see things as they realy are, as they are for others.

There are days that are philosophy, that suggest us interpretation of life, that are clipboard at magin, full of high critics in our universal book of destiniy.
This is one of that days, i feel it.
I’ve the absurd impresion that with my heavy eyes and my vanishing brain i’m drawing as a nonsen pencil, letters of unusefull and deep comment.
To be il tiring me, feel hurts, thinking is destroying me.

Fernando Pessoa ( Reloaded

Photographer – Alan Marcheselli www.alanmarcheselli.com

Model – Elen Ina http://elen-ina.tumblr.com/

Location – IMPOSSIBLE Maranello www.impossible-maranello.it

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